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About Us

 The principal aim of Munno Para Little Athletics Centre is to develop children of all abilities by promoting a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle through family and Community involvement in athletic activities and friendly competition.

The benefits of being a Little Athlete are not only confined to involvement at various meets, through coaching and competition athletes will see improvements in speed, strength, stamina, reaction times and general motor skills.

This knowledge can only help the young athlete in any other sporting activity they may pursue, as a bonus the athlete will gain confidence as their abilities improve as well as having positive social interaction with parents, friends, officials, coaches and other athletes and it will show the young athlete a different and more rewarding view of the world. Whilst others watch our children, they will be achieving and learning.

Under the Little Athletics motto of Family Fun and Fitness parents are encouraged to participate with their children by volunteering to chaperone for a particular age group, or being a time-keeper, measurer, scorer, retriever, manning the rake etc. The smooth running of the Centre at competition meets ultimately depends on the parents assisting with various duties.

Tiny Tots is for children who are 3-5 years of age.  The emphasis here is on FUN while developing basic motor skills through simple games.  

Little Athletes (6-17 year old) compete in a variety of events, Track Events such as Sprints, Hurdles and Middle Distance running and Field Events such as High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin.






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